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Updates? What updates?

Blah. Blah blahdady blah blah blah.


Tomorrow's Monday. This week will start the month of April...shortly followed by the month of May. Then there's June. We get out of school this year in June. JUNE.

I went to Rice and ran 3 miles. All.by.myself. It was a bit different, since I've never done that run alone. But it was a good kind of different. Until the strange dog showed up. He was kinda icky looking and hairless and had no leash...

Josh and I watched Quantum of Solace...James Bond's a hottie ;) (Daniel Craig) I cooked a quick dinner and even finished re-potting my plants on the patio. Here goes nothing, gonna try and keep these alive. Haven't really had plants in a few years now so I'm really going to have to put a sign on the fridge to remind myself/re-train my brain to think about watering them. But I do so enjoy looking out and seeing the green out there...

Rehearsal tomorrow for the Requiem, except Kevin won't be there, as he is auditioning for his acceptance to the DMA program at UofH tomorrow. GO COOGS. So, as Joyce (the other clarinet player) put it, it's good for us - no pressure, we can screw up as much as we want - he won't be there to hear it. (It's just us "dropping" in to see how our parts go with the choral parts...really informal)

Contacts icky, sleep now.


Patio gardens rock...I have lots of trouble keeping plants alive, though. I've already killed the basil I bought three weeks ago!


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