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Ike and other things Ike-related

When's the last time I've felt the need to update this?

I suppose I've updated my myspace and facebook 84,000 times more frequently than the LJ - but this is one of those times that just begs for the full-out blog. So here goes.

btw, photos of practically everything I'm about to yap about are on my flickr...

Was having a pretty productive and successful week at school with the kiddies and all this made me sad to lose a day, possibly two now.  There has been no formal announcement but HISD is off, so we might be, too.  I know I'd defintely like to have water back (to take a shower and all...) before I have to get back to work.

Evelyn and Josh just left about 30 minutes ago, I think Josh is going in to work this morning, possibly.  Thereze and Briana will possibly be showing up here (soon?) because the power is out at their place - possibly the water as well. 

Woke up to rain storms this morning around 6:45 am, wondering if Josh and Evelyn should have been gone by then.  Turns out no.  Not sure why but they stayed a bit longer and got some needed sleep, I suppose.  I heard the rain and the crazy bohemian side of me decided to go catch rainwater.  Unloaded a tub that I keep underneath the bathroom sink and off I went down the stairs (after a failed attempt to catch it on the patio...)  Filled it a few times using another container and walked up and down the stairs, dumping it into the bath tub.  Then the crazy *really* kicked in and I pumped a bit of shampoo into one hand, grabbed a towel and headed back down to wash my hair - thinking about the possibility of going to church this morning and looking somewhat presentable.

Luckily, it was early enough that no one appeared to see the lunatic standing outside, washing her hair from water she collected from the storm gutter.

I've suddenly lost the urge to blog everything leading up to today (Sunday) - really, though - the pictures say it all.  Even got tons of video.

Going to go and dry and straighten my hair, instead - to be ready for mass.



July 2009

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